Green Beens

Eric Webster

Calistoga Ranch · Auberge du Soleil · Lucques · Oliveto · Greens
Culinary Institute of America

Over the past decade Eric has worked with some amazing culinary talents. Inspired by these experiences, he created his own unique style as executive chef at Calistoga Ranch. Ericʼs philosophy is simple: start with excellent ingredients, use time-honored techniques, and match the food with the season, the climate and the occasion. Eric has spent much of his time in the Napa Valley cultivating close personal relationships with some of the best farmers and purveyors in northern California. He understands the care and attention that goes into superior organic produce, humanely raised meat and poultry and sustainable fishing.

Through his time in world-class kitchens and his studies at the CIA, Eric perfected the techniques necessary to get the most out of these products. He recognizes that, like great wine, great food comes from starting with the best raw ingredients and taking just the steps necessary to enhance their inherent flavors.

During trips to Italy and France, he was exposed to many new food experiences, but one element resonated above all others. The foods he ate were always served cool or warm, never cold or hot. As in a glass of wine, foodsʼ flavors are greatly diminished when served at temperature extremes. Marrying the elements of food with the weather can also have a profound effect on its enjoyment. Braised meats, roasted vegetables and hearty soups can comfort and relax in the cold of winter. Bright, vibrant salads, chilled soups and clean flavors can enliven in the heat of summer. Eric understands all of the elements that go into a great will taste the difference.

When Eric is not in the kitchen, he can be found cycling the back roads of the Napa Valley, making beautiful photographs or watching his favorite Coen Brothers movie.